The Department of Medical Research

The Department of Medical Research of the GHICL / FMM has two units :


The Unit of Medical Research (UMR) situated at St Philibert hospital offers methodological, statistical, legal, and logistical support. It also supports the development of projects proposed by other health institutions (institutional or academic projects) and pharmaceutical companies (industrial projects).The URM provides a quality insurance policy for research and ensures training in Good Clinical Practice (GCP).


Missions :


  • Development of research projects promoted by the GHICL,
  • To seek funding (respond to calls with offers)
  • Establish agreements for investigative studies,
  • Ensure the quality of research projects,
  • Development of  partnerships.


A Clinical Research Center (CRC), certified by Direction Générale de l’Offre des Soins (DGOS) and the Ministère de L’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche (MESR)  is located at the heart of the hospital system on the site of the Saint Vincent de Paul hospital. The CRC is a welcoming place for caregivers participating in clinical trials, and conducts “bedside” research by linking various stakeholders involved in the research. It also ensures the participation of PCB’s and patient’s safety in the research projects.  


Missions :


  • Coordination of clinical trials,
  • Inclusion of patients in the different medical departments,
  • Ensures the quality of clinical trials,
  • Development of collaborations with the healthcare providers of the GHICL.


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