Some statistics

In 2015, the DMR:


  • Piloted 17 publicity projects, 4 biological collections and 125 research projects,

  • Established 2 new publicity projects and 37 new research projects,

  • Submitted 7 projects to the CPP (Committee for the Protection of Persons) and received positive feedback for all of them,

  • Submitted 48 projects to the Internal Ethical Research Committee (CIER) and received positive feedback for 27, negative feedback for 7, and suggested revisions for 14 projects.

  • Submitted 2 projects to CCTIRS (Consultative Committee for the Treatment of Data Obtained from Research),

  • Submitted 17 projects in response to several calls for proposals (2 projects subject to European funding)

  • Received full funding for four new projects including 2 interregional PHRC projects (Programme for Clinical Research in Hospitals),

  • Performed statistical analyses for 12 projects in view of publication

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