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The National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties

The National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (NCIL)


Clinical studies are not only governed by the code of public health, but also must follow regulations on responsibility for carers, established by the CNIL, and must ensure the protection of personal data (data protection correspondent (DPC)). The DPC ensures the compliance with the legislation and regulations.


A computer science and freedom correspondent (CIL) has been appointed for those employees involved in medical research. The CIL makes it possible to guarantee compliance with the law and freedom of information regulations.


The use of data for medical research is allowed after compliance with the following regulations:  



For the purposes of medical research, data collected during consultation or hospitalization may be used under strict confidentiality, unless otherwise objected to, for medical research purposes. Patients may at any time oppose the use of their health data by contacting the doctor responsible for them at the GHICL.


In accordance with the Data Protection Act (modified January 6 1978), patients have the right to access their personal medical data by contacting our Computer and Freedom of Information Correspondent at the following email address : correspondant.recherche@ghicl.net.